Friday, January 29, 2010

Maharishi University of Management Internet Addresses Connected to Wikipedia Editing of TM-related Articles

In a case under investigation for sock puppetry and other violations, Wikipedia editors with IP addresses originating at the Maharishi University of Management appear involved in potentially scandalous behavior of editing Wikipedia entries for the TM Org's own purposes and sometimes bizarre Point of View.

Manipulation of the online encyclopedia's entries about organizations or their products, by members of that same organization, is strongly frowned upon. A recent, widely publicized case with the Scientology Organization similarly found a concerted effort by the controversial church at influencing article content in an orchestrated and deliberately manipulative manner.

Some names appear to refer to actual professors of the University, which could mean actual employees at the University are involved in this unethical behaviour of manipulating the online encyclopedia's articles, which are supposed to be free of bias and conflicts of interest.

A number of these Maharishi University of Management editors have previously been involved in "edit warring", conflicts among Wikipedia article editors, to control the content of the articles themselves.

The investigation is on-going, much of it off-line, as the actual information includes previously disclosed Maharishi University of Management employees. The Wikipedia, per it's own policy, strives to keep such information confidential and private.

IP Address and Editors Names Involved